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Jarvis Henderson aka Mr. Impact

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington just outside of Seattle in the city of Bremerton, Jarvis Henderson is known for his amazing ability to captivate the hearts and minds of any audience. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs or social class Jarvis is able to inspire people to “be the change”.

Having had the opportunity to impact thousands of lives around the world, he would be the first to tell you that he is just getting started. As a renowned speaker, educator, life coach, pastor, youth advocate, trainer, and consultant, Jarvis is taking the world by storm. Impacting businesses, ministries, colleges, and students of all ages he is truly living out his quote, “You were born on purpose for a purpose”. It will not be long before Jarvis is a global phenomenon.

Jarvis epitomizes drive, determination, team work, and the ability to overcome any obstacle on your way to success. He has experienced abandonment, poverty, homelessness, abuse, racism, failure, divorce and many other challenges. However, because of his spiritual walk and faith in God, Jarvis has been able to take every situation that should have broken him and turned it into a tool to assist others. One of his quotes is, “I overcome things so that you can walk right over them”. Jarvis is a man who loves God and loves people. His passion, tenacity, and determination for life don’t just radiate through his words but also through his actions. Doing things like serving on the board of directors for the Reichert House, a youth academy dedicated to helping troubled youth, Jarvis is committed to empowering others for success and the achievement of their dreams.

Many who have heard him speak compare him to speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Eric “ET” Thomas. Honored to be named, Jarvis is more focused on helping you to unlock the potential on the inside of you and propel you forward to your dreams. His years in athletics, business management, sales, and ministry have given him a well -rounded approach to his presentations and made him an expert on teamwork, teambuilding, and leadership. He believes in you and is determined to unleash the beast that you have lying dormant inside of you.