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Impact Rally 2022

Impact Rally 2022

January 28th & 29th 2022
Located in the Atlanta, GA Area
Leaders, Speakers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals! Are you ready to take your set backs and turn them into IMPACT?!
Meet Jarvis and the Impact Team at the Impact Rally on Jan 28th & 29th 2022 in the Atlanta area. 
At the Impact Rally you will
  • Learn Physical Impact with a kick off fitness routine and session to sharpen your body
  • Mental Impact to set your winning mindset to get up after set backs and move forward
  • Vocal and Community Impact by learning how to craft your life story & use it to make an impact not just from stages and platforms. But from right where you are in your community, career & beyond!
Get your ticket now and bring a friend. We are not in this alone and a journey is much better with others! #GoDoSomehting #ImpactLives
Group rates available.
For "Impact Platinum VIP" tickets
For "Impact Gold" General Admission tickets